21st SPIG, SOKOBANJA, Yugoslavia, August 26-30, 2002.
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INVITED SPEAKERS (confirmed so far)

M. Allan (Switzerland): “Recent electron-molecule collision experiments”

V. Astashinskii (Belarus): "Plasma Dynamic Processes Accompanying High Energy Compression Flows Interaction with Surfaces"

W. Bolse (Germany):  "Atomic transport in swift heavy ion tracks”

S. Buckmann (Australia): “Atomic Physics Research with Laser-Cooled Metastable Helium Atoms”

V. Cadez (Belgium): “Space Weather: Solar activity and its affects on the Earth”

M. Gigosos (Spain): "Computer simulated hydrogen line profiles for  non equilibrium plasma diagnostics”

K. Homewood (UK):  “Ion Beam Engineered Silicon Light Emitting Diodes”

P. Krstic (USA): " Nearly-Adiabatic Atomic Physics: Methods-Data-Devices "

T. Makabe (Japan):  "Introduction to VicAddress Vertically integrated CAD for device processing"

A. Maquet (France):  "Atomic response to intense and ultra-intense laser pulses"

E. Mediavilla (Spain)

H. Nagatomo (Japan): “Computational Simulation for Laser Fusion in ILE Osaka”

M. Okamoto (Japan)

S. Raikov (Belarus): “Intracavity Laser Spectroscopy of Laser Ablation Plasma”

P. Schaaf (Germany): "Reactive surface modifications by laser beams with and without employing a plasma”

I. Serruys (France)

G. Shao (China): “Transmission electron microscopy of ion beam synthesized semiconducting tin films”

M. Tanaka (Japan): "Experimental Study on Vortex Formation in Plasmas"

H. Thomas (Germany): “Plasma-induced finishing of textile fibres”

S. Vladimirov (Australia): “Collective and dynamic phenomena in complex plasmas”

R. Webb (UK)

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