FILOMAT  17 (2003)

Papers are presented at the International Workshop on Modern Functional Analysis, Operator Theory, Summability and Applications, Niska Banja, September 24-28 2003. The Workshop is completely financed by Deutsche Akademische Austauschdienst,  DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service).


T. Bilgin, Some difference sequence spaces defined by the Orlicz function, 1-8.

R. Colak, Lacunary strong convergence of difference sequences with respect to a modulus function, 9-14.

I. Djolovic, Two ways of compactness, 15-21.

M. Et, Y. Altin and H. Altinok, On some generalized difference sequences with respect to a modulus function, 23-33.

S. M. Ilic and  L. Rancic, On the fourth zero-finding methods for polynomials, 35-46.

D. Jankovic, R. Stankovic and C. Moraga, Dual polarity in optimization of polynomial representation of switching functions, 47-58.

A. M. Jarrah and E. Malkowsky, Ordinary, absolute and strong summability and matrix transformations, 50-78.

L. Kocic, Data variation in fractal interpolation, 79-84.

B. de Malafoose, E Malkowsky, Matrix transformations in the sets , where is of the form or or , 85-106.

E. Malkowsky and V. Velickovic, Visualisation of isometric maps, 107-116.

G. V. Milovanovic and  A. S. Cvetkovic, Complex Jacobi matrices and quadrature rules, 117-134.

I. Z. Milovanovic, E. I. Milovanovic, B. M. Randjelovic and I. C. Jovanovic, Matrix multiplication on bidirectional linear systolic arrays, 135-141.

L. D. Petkovic, M. S. Petkovic and D. Milosevic, Inclusion Weierstrass-like root-finders with corrections, 143-154.

M. S. Petkovic and D. Milosevic, Derivative free method for the simultaneous inclusion of polynomial zeros, 155-168.

N. V. Stojkovic, P. S. Stanimirovic and M. D. Petkovic, Several modifications of simplex method, 169-176.