FILOMAT  15 (2001)

All papers are presented at the IMC "FILOMAT 2001", Nis, August 26-30, 2001


M. Bjelica and S. Lakic, Criteria for sets of scores with presribed positions, 1-5.

I. Dolinka, From twists to involution bands, 7-16.

A. A. Kostin and B. V. Novikov, Semigroup cohomology as a derived functor, 17- 23.

P. V. Krtolica, P. S. Stanimirovic and R. Stanojevic, Reverse Polish notation in constructing the algorithm for polygon triangulation, 25-33.

S. Lakic and M. Bjelica, On a modification of the AOR method, 35-37.

V. Lazarevic and A. Tepavcevic, A new oredring relation on lattices applied to weak congruences, 39-46.

E. Malkowsky and V. Velickovic, Potential surfaces and their graphical representations, 47-54.

I. Z. Milovanovic, E. I. Milovanovic, M. K. Stojcev, T. I. Tokic and N. M. Stojanovic, Determining space parameters in systolic array design, 55-60.

S. Shtrakov and V. Shtrakov, Tree automata and separable sets of input variables, 61-69.

P. S. Stanimirovic and M. B. Tasic, Drazin inverse of one variable polynomial matrices, 71-78.

D. Stevanovic, Antipodal graphs of small diameter, 79-83.

J. Usan and M. Zizovic, Note on near-P--polyagroups, 85-90.

M. Vincic, Global determinism of *-bands, 91-97.

M. Ciric, T. Petkovic, S. Bogdanovic and M. Bogdanovic, Remarks on power automata, 99-109.

M. Scheepers, Selection principles in topology: new directions, 111-126.

L. Babinkostova, Selective versions of screenability, 127-134.

D. Milovancevic, On the Stone-Cech compatification  of $Omega$-spaces, 135-140.

S. V. Jablan, New knot tables, 141-152.

M. Dj. Milojevic, Axiomatically established order geometry in the EH-geoemtry, 153-166.

S. M. Mincic, M. S. Stankovic and Lj. S. Velimirovic, Generalized Kahlerian spaces, 167-174.

S. M. Mincic, Lj. S. Velimirovic and M. S. Stankovic, Infinitesimal deformations of a non-symmetric affine connection space, 175-182.

Lj. Radovic, Derivation of multidimensional superperiodic symmetry groups by using Mackay groups, 183-190.

K. Trencevski, On the permutation products of torus, 191-196.

R. Kravarusic, M. Mijatovic and S. Pilipovic, Integrated semigroups of unbounded linear operators, 197-210.

I. D. Arandjelovic, A note on Sorgenfrey line, 211-213.

D. Djurcic and A. Torgasev, O-regularly variability and power series, 215-220.

M. M. Milovanovic-Arandjelovic, Measures of noncomactness on uniform spaces - the axiomatic approach, 221-225.

V. M. Cojbasic, Nonlinear AR(1) and MA(1) time series models, 227-231.

B. C. Popovic and M. M. Ristic, Matrix representation of BUAR(1), 233-238.

B. S. Jovanovic and L. G. Vulkov, Stability and convergence of difference schemes for parabolic interface problems, 239-246.

I. T. Dimitrova and L. Vulkov, High order $\epsilon$-uniform methods for singularly perturbed reaction-diffusion problems with discontinuous coefficients and singular sources, 247-256.

J. D. Kandilarov, Comparasion of various numerical methods for solving of elliptic interface problems, 257-264.

L. M. Kocic and A. C. Simoncelli, Cantor dust by AIFS, 265-276.

P. Rajkovic and S. Marinkovic, On Q-analogies of generalized Hermite's polynomials, 277-283.

P. S. Stanimirovic, N. V. Stojkovic, B. Momcilovic and Z. Jovanovic, Augmented and normal equations system in Mehrotra's primal-dual algorithm, 285-292.

V. N. Kolokoltsov, Mathematics of the Feyman path integral, 293-311.

D. Bigatti, Gauge theory of the fuzzy torus, 313-322.

G. S. Djordjevic, B. Dragovich and L. Nesic, p-adic Feymman's path integrals, 323-330.

M. Dugic, On the investigation of separability of a bipartite system observable, 331-338.

S. Prvanovic, New ordering rule and Lie bracket of quantum mechanics, 339-343.

M. Raos and L. Nesic, Vector and scalar variables laminar natural convection in 2D geometry arbitrary angle of inclination, 345-351.

E. Malkowsky and Mursaleen, Some matrix transformation between the difference sequence spaces $\Delta c_0(p)$, $\Delta c(p)$ and $\Delta \ell_\infty(p)$, 353-363.