Volume 21, Number 2, October 2007


Mugur Acu, Some subclasses of meromorphic functions, 1-9

Xiangling Zhu, Composition operators from Bloch type spaces to $F(p,q,s)$ spaces, 11-20

L. K. Pramanik, Centers in inserted graphs, 21-30

Erdal Ekici, Some generalizatons of almost contra-super-continuity, 31-44

Hemant Kumar Nashine, Coincidence points and invariant approximation results on $(q)$-normed spaces, 45-53

K. A. Khan, V. A. Khan and Sirajuddin,  Warped product contact CR-submanifolds of trans-Sasakian manifolds, 55-62

S. S. Dragomir and A. Sofo, Approximating the Stieltjes integral, via the Darst-Pollard inequality, 63-75

B. P. Duggal,  A generalized commutativity theorem for $pk$-quasihyponormal operators, 77-83

S. Athisaya Ponmani, R. Raja Rajeswari, M. Lellis Thivagar and Erdal Ekici, On some characterizations of vividly and blurly $(1,2)$-$\beta$ -irresolute mappings, 85-98

Bayaz Daraby and S. B. Nimse,  On fuzzy generalized $\alpha$-closed set and its applications, 99-108

Ljubica S. Velimirovic and Svetozar R. Rancic, Rigidity of toroid formed by revolution of parallelogram, 109-120

Mugur Acu and Irina Dorca, On some close to convex functions with negative coefficients, 121-131

Vladica Stojanovic and Biljana Popovic, Estimation in real data set by split--ARCH model, 133-152

Bujar Xh. Fejzullahu,  Divergent Cesaro means of Fourier expansions with respect to polynomials associated with the measure $(1-x)^\alpha (1+x)^\beta+M\Delta_-1$, 153-160

Sonja Mancevska and Marija Orovcanec, Orbits tending to infinity under sequences of operators on Hilbert spaces, 161-171

Abdul Rahman S. Juma and S. R. Kulkarni, On univalent functions with negative coefficients by using generalized Salagean operator, 173-184

M. S. N. Murty and G. Suresh Kumar,  On nonlinear discontinuous two-point boundary value problems for third order differential equations, 185-197

S. Jafari and N. Rajesh, Weak and strong form of $\widetilde(g)$-irresolute functions, 199-209

H. K. Pathak, RosanaRodriguez-Lopez and R. K. Verma, A common fixed point theorem using implicit relation and property (E.A) in metric spaces, 211-234

L. S. Velimirovic, S. M. Mincic and M. S. Stankovic,  Infinitesimal deformations of basic tensor in generalized Riemannian space, 235-242

Vesna Kojic, Quasi-nearly subharmonic functions and conformal mappings, 243-249

D. Dimitrijevic, G. S. Djordjevic and Lj. Nesic, On Green function for the free particle, 251-260

Qamaruddin and S. A. Mohiuddine,  Almost convergence and some matrix transformations, 261-266

Valeriu Popa,  A general fixed point theorem for converse commuting multivalued mappings in symmetric spaces , 267-271

Biljana Krsteska and Erdal Ekici, Intuitionistic fuzzy contra strong precontinuity , 273-284

Nada Djuranovic-Milicic,  A trust region algorithm for LC$^1$ unconstrained optimization,  285-290